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Basic Needs

Serving NE Harris & East Montgomery Counties.

Basic Needs

Services designed to stabilize an individual's environment.

At HAAM, our compassionate and dedicated bilingual staff, alongside committed volunteers, extend a helping hand and a ray of hope to individuals and families facing very low, low, and moderate incomes. While our unwavering commitment lies in assisting clients in building a better life for themselves, our philosophy underscores that financial independence hinges on addressing fundamental needs, like food and shelter, first.

Through a comprehensive range of social services, we guide clients in addressing their most basic needs, with the primary objective of stabilizing their environment and preparing them for the essential steps toward increased self-sufficiency. These services, strategically designed, serve residents of Northeast Harris and East Montgomery Counties, providing a crucial safety net during financial crises linked to underemployment, job loss, illness, age, and disability.

Find out how ACAM and HAAM have helped Kerri & Damian thrive

Utility Assistance

Rental Assistance

Food Assistance

Clothing Assistance

Prescription Assistance

Birth Certificate / ID Assistance

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