A Mission of Help & Hope


Serving NE Harris & East Montgomery Counties.

HAAM Services

Together, we can create lasting change and a brighter future.

Throughout its evolution, HAAM has broadened and adjusted its range of services to align with the evolving needs of the community, all while staying faithful to its initial mission. Presently, HAAM addresses over 70,000 requests for assistance each year, delivering close to 500,000 units of services to benefit over 14,000 individuals.

Basic Needs

Services designed to stabilize an individual’s environment.


Multifaceted service for self-improvement and career advancement.


Practical solutions to your employment challenges.

Family Services

Helping those struggling with their emotional and social wellbeing.

Senior Services

Providing guidance and empowerment for seniors.

Supportive Services

Services designed to achieve lasting stability and well-being.

Community Outreach

A collaboration aimed at positively impacting individuals in our community.


Let us help by connecting you with the right resource.

Are you in need of assistance?

Apply for assistance with HAAM today, and let us work together to address your needs, providing a pathway toward stability and self-sufficiency. Your journey towards a more secure and empowered life starts here.